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Phase 1 Roll-Out

Over the course of June, July and August,2011  the HR Data Mart was implemented on most UNC campuses. The HR Data Mart creates a clearinghouse of HR information that will eliminate duplicate entry into the PMIS system, as well as provide constant, timely and accurate feedback to campuses and GA. Phase 1 will target SPA employees, to be followed later this year by Phase 2 for EPA employees.

The HR Data Mart project is sponsored by Matt Brody, and Ken Craig. For a general background on the project, along with specific questions on security, procedure, and data elements, please feel free to view our HR Data Mart FAQ. The FAQ is a dynamic document, and will grow as issues arise. 

Authorized university personnel, click HERE to access the active Data Mart collab site.  For questions or to request access, please contact Holly McMichael-Hatfield at

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