January 2014 / Overview

12 January 2014

Date: January 21, 2014
Location: 9AM by Teleconference 919-962-2732



Reference Materials

SAAO_UNC-CH_Associate_University_Controller_New.pdf SAAO UNC-CH Associate University Controller-New - Approved as Deputy of Major Campus Function
SAAO_UNC-CH_Director_of_Annual_Giving_SPA-SAAO.pdf SAAO UNC-CH Director Of Annual Giving SPA-SAAO - Approved as Development
SAAO_UNC-CH_Senior_Director_of_Principal_Gifts_New.pdf SAAO UNC-CH Senior Director Of Principal Gifts-New - Approved as Development
CADA_ECU_Academic_Dept_Administrator_Surgery_SPA-IRPS.pdf CADA ECU Academic - Dept Administrator Surgery- Approved as IRPS-06
RADA_NCSU-Dir,_Finance_&_Admin,_ECE_New.pdf RADA NCSU Dir, Finance & Admin, ECE-New - Approved as IRPS-06
IRPS_FSU_Director_of_Student_Engagement_EPA-IRPS.pdf IRPS FSU Director Of Student Engagement-EPA-Approved Position continues to be IRPS
IRPS_NCAT_Asst_Dir_Career_Counseling_Programs_-_Social_Media_SPA-IRPS.pdf IRPS NCAT Asst Dir Career Counseling Programs - Social Media-SPA-IRPS - Approved IRPS-18
IRPS_NCAT_DIR_of_Institutional_Assessment_EPA-IRPS.pdf IRPS NCAT Dir Of Institutional Assessment-EPA-IRPS - Title Change Approved Continues as IRPS
IRPS_NCAT_Instructional_Designer_#2830_SPA-IRPS.pdf IRPS NCAT Instructional Designer #2830- Approved Continues to be IRPS-12
IRPS_NCAT_Instructional_Designer_#3080_SPA-IRPS.pdf IRPS NCAT Instructional Designer #3080-Approved as IRPS-12
IRPS_NCCU_Early_College_High_School_Liaison_SPA-IRPS.pdf IRPS NCCU Early College High School Liaison- Approved as IRPS-02
IRPS_UNCP_Associate_Director_Student_Involvement_Leadership_New_IRPS.pdf IRPS UNCP Associate Director Student Involvement Leadership-New - Approved as IRPS-18