November 2013 / Overview

12 November 2013

Date: November 19, 2013
Location: 9 AM Teleconference 919-962-2732



Reference Materials

SAAO_UNCCH_Director_of_Departmental_Finance_and_Administration_SPH.pdf RADA UNCCH Director Of Departmental Finance And Administration SPH Approved as IRPS 06
SAAO_NCAT_Chancellor's_Chief_of_Staff_New.pdf SAAO NCAT Chancellor's Chief Of Staff New - Approved as Chancellors Professional Staff
SAAO_NCSU_IEI_Development_Officer_New.pdf SAAO NCSU Development Officer IEI New - Approved as Development
SAAO_NCSU_Director_for_Development_Arts_NC_State_New.pdf SAAO NCSU Director For Development Arts NC State New Approved as Development
SAAO_UNCA_Sr_Director_of_Admissions_and_Financial_Aid_Title_Change.pdf SAAO UNCA Sr Director Of Admissions And Financial Aid Revised Position Approved
SAAO_UNCC_Director_of_Administration_Business_Affairs_Reclass.pdf SAAO UNCC Director Of Administration Business Affairs Reclass - On Hold
SAAO_UNCC_Director_of_Development_for_Student_Affairs_&_Special_Projects_New.pdf SAAO UNCC Director Of Development For Student Affairs & Special Projects New Approved as Development
SAAO_UNCC_Div_Dir_Communications_Business_Affairs_New.pdf SAAO UNCC Div Dir Communications Business Affairs New Approved as Marketing and Communications
SAAO_UNCC_Executive_Director_for_EPA_NFAdministration_ER_Compliance.pdf SAAO UNCC Executive Director For EPA NF Admin ER Compliance New Approved as Deputy of Major Function
SAAO_UNCCH_Dir_of_Dev-SPH_New.pdf SAAO UNCCH Dir Of Dev-SPH New Approved As Development
SAAO_UNCCH_Director_of_Annual_Giving_and_Communications_SPA-EPA.pdf SAAO UNCCH Director Of Annual Giving And Communications SPA-EPA Withdrawn by campus
SAAO_UNCP_Director_of_Institutional_Research_Reclass.pdf SAAO UNCP Director Of Institutional Research Reclass Approved as Generic SAAO
SAAO_UNCSA_Director_of_Programs_Kenan_Institute_SPA-SAAO.pdf SAAO UNCSA Director Of Programs Kenan Institute SPA-SAAO - On Hold
SAAO_UNCSA_Major_Gifts_Officer.pdf SAAO UNCSA Major Gifts Officer New Approved As Development
SAAO_WSSU_Director_of_Business_Services_SPA-EPA.pdf SAAO WSSU Director Of Business Services SPA-EPA - Withdrawn by Campus
IRPS_FSU_Assistant_Football_Coach_New.pdf IRPS FSU Assistant Football Coach New Approved as IRPS 05
IRPS_FSU_Director of Data and Assessment_Title_Change.pdf IRPS FSU Director Of Data And Assessment Title Change Approved IRPS 01
IRPS_NCAT_Extension_Assistant_Title_Change.pdf IRPS NCAT Extension Assistant Title Change Approved IRPS 15
IRPS_NCAT_Extension_Associate_Title_Change.pdf IRPS NCAT Extension Associate Title Change Approved IRPS 15
IRPS_NCAT_Family_and_Consumer_Science_Agent_Title-Duties_Change.pdf IRPS NCAT Family And Consumer Science Agent Title-Duties Change Approved IRPS 15
IRPS_NCCU_Director_Strategic_Initiatives_&_University-School_Partnerships_SAAO-IRPS.pdf IRPS NCCU Director Strategic Initiatives & University-School Partnerships SAAO-IRPS Approved IRPS 02
IRPS_UNCA_Assistant_University_Librarian_and_Head_of_Instructional_Technology_New.pdf IRPS UNCA Assistant University Librarian And Head Of Instructional Technology New Approved IRPS 14
IRPS_UNCA_Public_Services_Librarian_EPA-IRPS.pdf IRPS UNCA Public Services Librarian EPA-IRPS Approved IRPS 14
IRPS_UNCP_Associate_Director_Counseling_and_Psychological_Srvcs_reclass.pdf IRPS UNCP Associate Director Counseling And Psychological Srvcs Reclass Approved IRPS 09
IRPS_WCU_Academic_Advisor_for_Transfer_Student_Success_New.pdf IRPS WCU Academic Advisor For Transfer Student Success New Approved IRPS 01
IRPS_Assistant_Director_of_Financial_Aid_SPA-IRPS_9_positions.pdf IRPS WCU Assistant Director Of Financial Aid SPA-IRPS 9 Positions Approved as IRPS 18
IRPS_WCU_Honors_College_Academic_Advisor.pdf IRPS WCU Honors College Academic Advisor New Approved IRPS 01
IRPS_FSU_Assistant University Legal Counsel_FYI_Only.pdf SAAO FSU Assistant University Legal Counsel FYI Only Continues to be SAAO