August 2013 / Overview

12 August 2013

Date: August 20, 2013
Location: Teleconference



Reference Materials

SAAO_ECU_Assistant_Director_for_Development_-_Athletics_New.pdf SAAO ECU Assistant Director For Development - Athletics New - Approved
SAAO_NCSU_Executive_Director_for_Development_Retitle.pdf SAAO NCSU Executive Director For Development Retitle - Approved
SAAO_UNC-CH_ Internal_Controls_Director_New.pdf SAAO UNC-CH Internal Controls Director New - Withdrawn by Campus
SAAO_UNC-CH_Associate_Director_of_Development_and_Communication_UNC_Global_New.pdf SAAO UNC-CH Associate Director Of Development And Communication UNC Global New - Approved
SAAO_UNC-CH_Director,_ITS_Communication_and_External_Affairs_New.pdf SAAO UNC-CH Director, ITS Communication And External Affairs New - Denied
SAAO_UNC-CH_Director_of_Corporate_and_Foundation_Relations_Public_Health_New.pdf SAAO UNC-CH Director Of Corporate And Foundation Relations Public Health New - Approved
SAAO_UNC-CH_Executive_Director_Enterprise_Reporting_and_Development_Systems_New.pdf SAAO UNC-CH Executive Director Enterprise Reporting And Departmental Systems New - Approved
SAAO_UNC-CH_Sr._Associate_Director_of_Development_CAS_2_New.pdf SAAO UNC-CH Sr. Associate Director Of Development CAS Two New - Approved
SAAO_UNC-CH_Treasury_Operations_Director_SPA_to_EPA.pdf SAAO UNC-CH Treasury Operations Director SPA To EPA - Withdrawn by Campus
SAAO_UNCG_Senior_Director_Marketing_CRM_&_New_Business_Dev_Retitle_Revised.pdf SAAO UNCG Senior Director Marketing CRM & New Business Dev Retitle Revised
SAAO_WCU_Director_Employee_Relations_Training_Dev_New.pdf SAAO WCU Director Employee Relations Training Dev New - Approved
CADA_ECU_Chief_Clinical_Administrator_Psychiatric_Medicine_SPA_to_CADA.pdf CADA ECU Chief Clinical Administrator Psychiatric Medicine SPA To CADA - Approved CADA
FYI_Title_Change_Only_SAAO_UNCG_Director_Learning_Technology.pdf FYI Title Change SAAO UNCG Director Learning Technology - APPROVED
IRPS_FSU_Clinical_Case_Managers_Two_New.pdf IRPS FSU Clinical Case Managers Two New - Approved Counselor
IRPS_FSU_Director_of_Continuing_Ed_and_Summer_School_Retitle.pdf IRPS FSU Director Of Continuing Ed And Summer School Retitle - Approved Student Support
IRPS_NCAT_Assistant_Dir_for_Wellness_Promotion_New.pdf IRPS NCAT Assistant Dir For Wellness Promotion New - Approved Student Support-Approved Student Suppt
IRPS_NCCU_Health_Educator_New.pdf IRPS NCCU Health Educator New - Approved Student Support
IRPS_NCCU_Research_Scientist_DREAM_STEM_New.pdf IRPS NCCU Research Scientist DREAM STEM New - Approved Research Prof
IRPS_UNCP_Assistant_Director_of_Intramural_and_Competitive_Sports_New.pdf IRPS UNCP Assistant Director Of Intramural And Competitive Sports New - Approved Student Support
IRPS_UNCP_Director_Campus_Recreation_New.pdf IRPS UNCP Director Campus Recreation New - Approved Student Support
IRPS_UNCSA_Director_of_the_Teaching_and_Learning_Center_New.pdf IRPS UNCSA Director Of The Teaching And Learning Center New - Approved Academic Prep & Enhancement
FYI_Title_Change_UNCG_Asst Athletic Dir & Dir of Athletic Communications.pdf FYI Title Change Only SAAO UNCG Asst Athletic Dir & Dir Of Athletic Communications - Approved
FYI_Title_Changes_Only_SAAO_UNCG_Office_of_the_General_Counsel.pdf FYI Title Changes Only SAAO UNCG Office Of The General Counsel - Approved