SPA Performance Management

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It is the policy of the State of North Carolina that UNC General Administration initiate and maintain a Performance Management System approved by the Office of State Personnel. This system is based on the importance of managing each individual’s work and continuous communication between employees and their supervisors. It ensures that all employees:

•Are aware of what is expected of them,

•Are provided with continuous feedback about their performance,

•Are provided with opportunities for education, training, and development, and

•Are rewarded in a fair and equitable manner.

The Performance Management and Development System is based on a continuous 3-step process, accomplished by using the following procedures:

Performance Management

Planning:  At the beginning of the work cycle, the supervisor and the employee should meet to develop the employee’s work plan.  The work plan should record the employee's current responsibilities, the expectations that describe successful completion of each one, and the tracking sources/methods of measurement. 

Managing: This part of the Performance Management process includes the day-to-day tracking of the employee’s progress toward achieving the performance expectations.  It also includes the interim review and other feedback given to the employee through coaching and reinforcing discussions.


Appraising:  At the end of the work cycle, the supervisor shall meet with the employee to discuss the employee's performance and record the actual results and behavior for each expectation. The supervisor must then rate each responsibility, discuss and assign an overall rating, and plan for development opportunities for the next work cycle.