UNC Code Section 457(b) Plan

The University of North Carolina implemented a new system-wide voluntary 457(b) plan effective February 2015.  Fidelity and TIAA were selected as the only approved vendors to provide a wide range of services and investment options. 

The ENROLLMENT PROCESS is just two simple steps:


Step 1: Complete a  Voluntary Salary Deferral Agreement Form


 Complete the Deferral Agreement form, print a copy, sign it, and send it to your campus HR/Benefits office.



Remember, you must submit the completed form to your campus HR/Benefits office before any contributions can be accepted into your account.  

To calculate the amount you may be eligible to contribute for the current year, please use the Contributor Calculator sponsored by Fidelity Investments.  Keep in mind that the plan has a "Normal Retirement Age" of 59 1/2 years of age, so to be eligible for the "twice the normal limit amount," you must be at least 56 1/2 years of age and not older than 59 1/2 years of age. 

Step 2:  Select Your Investments


You can enroll in the program and select investments through Fidelity or TIAA by following the links below to the 457(b) provider’s online enrollment web site. 


  • Fidelity (click the UNC 457(b) Plan and then ENROLL NOW)
  • TIAA (select your campus and then ENROLL NOW)