UNC Optional Retirement Program (ORP)

The University of North Carolina Optional Retirement Program (ORP) is an option or alternative to the North Carolina Teachers' and State Employees' Retirement System (TSERS) for certain employees. Under the ORP, you control your investment choices, distribution methods, and retirement goals, whereas the State controls the investments under TSERS.

The University has authorized four companies to offer investment products under the ORP.  These are Fidelity Investments, Lincoln Financial Group, TIAA-CREF, and VALIC.  For more information about the authorized companies or their products, including investment options, services and fees, you should contact a company representative. 

Enhancing Our Retirement Program: A Tradition of Commitment

 The University of North Carolina (UNC) sponsors various retirement programs (e.g., the UNC Optional Retirement Program (ORP) and the UNC 403(b) Plan), which provide you the opportunity to save for your financial future. We continuously strive to improve these programs to help ensure that you reach your retirement savings goals. That’s why we are excited to announce important upcoming changes to these programs — changes we believe will make saving for your future simpler and more rewarding.

What’s Changing?


Effective July 1, 2014, there are two important changes:


·        The fund lineup for Fidelity and TIAA-CREF will change to a four-tier structure.
The four new tiers are:


Tier 1 – Target Date Funds
Tier 2 – UNC Risk-Based Models
Tier 3 – Core Fund Lineup
Tier 4 – Self-Directed Brokerage (Employee-only contributions)

·        Two of the ORP’s current investment carriers – VALIC and the Lincoln Financial Group – will no longer be available to new participants in the ORP.* Current ORP participants who hold investments with these two carriers will have until the end of the year to change their future investment elections and reallocate their existing account balances to either TIAA-CREF or Fidelity.  Contributions to VALIC and the Lincoln Financial Group funds may continue through December 31, 2014 for current participants.



Retirement Program Action Guide for VALIC and Lincoln Participants

Group Meetings with Webinars with CAPTRUST

Form ORP-2 - ORP Notice of Change in Vendor