Performance Management

UPDATE! (06-08-2017)

2016-17 annual appraisals

  • Are to be completed on paper for both SHRA and EHRA employees.
  • Forms are available below.
  • Send signed copies of the completed annual appraisal (paper or PDF) to me at
  • Appraisals are due by June 15 for SHRA employees and by June 30 for EHRA employees.

 2017-18 performance plans

  • General Administration senior management will be developing new division-level goals in late June - early July.
  • To allow time for this process, the 2017-18 performance plan deadline has been extended to August 1.





Below are some brief overviews on the program:


Below are some brief overviews on the program:



SHRA: We are in the process of moving to a new online performance management tool through PeopleAdmin. We expect training on the new system to begin shortly after the new year (2017). Supervisors may use the paper SHRA performance plan (Word) to establish individual and and talent development goals by October 31, 2016.

EHRA: Supervisors may select one of the forms below. For SAAO Tier 1 positions, the supervisor may elect to issue an annual performance memo to the employee rather than use the forms below. The forms listed below complement the new SHRA program structure.



Below are sample performance plans and appraisals for various position types common on UNC campuses. Also included with each is an abbreviated position description to provide additional context for the assigned performance goals. We will continue to expand the sample selection.



The following guides are designed to assist supervisors through the performance process, from setting expectations at the beginning of the cycle to writing evaluations at the end of the cycle. Further guidance can be provided by the campus central HR office.