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Link to the  New Employee Benefits Orientation 

Link to the  Payroll Forms Page for all the necessary forms to be completed as a new hire with UNC General Administration. 

Summary of Employee Policies



Time Information Management System: 
Accessing TIM, FAQ's, Helpful Links,  User Manuals

E-PAY:  To view your pay stub information, click on the E-Pay Link.  After you log-in using your ONYEN and password, select View -> Current Pay Stub under the Employee Menu to access your pay information.   Your Leave Information is now on your pay stub.   Please note that these amounts are your leave totals as of the end of the prior pay cycle.

Link to the current EPA (Monthly) and SPA (Bi-weekly) pay schedules. 

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Summary of employee discounts available to UNC General Administration employees.

Employee Services, Priveleges and Discounts



 The Employee Assistance Program (EAP),  is designed to help you and your family members with problems that may affect your health, welfare or job performance.  The services of professionals trained to evaluate problems and identify appropriate remedies are available to you and your family members.  The program is aimed at early detection and referral of personal problems such as family/marital problems, alcohol/drug abuse, and legal or financial crises.  Any information discussed and evaluated will be held confidential when using this service.  There is no charge for the initial diagnostic appointment provided by the EAP Counselor.  Time spent with the EAP Counselor is considered work time if approved by your supervisor in advance.

The program is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can reach GuidanceResources by:

Counselors and/or specialists offer personalized service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, either online or by phone. Don’t let an issue stand in the way of reaching your family, personal, financial and professional goals. 

Leaving the University


If you have been designated as essential in your departmental COOP plan, below is a link to the training module.


 Leaving The University


Leaving the University
TSERS Member Retirement Checklist
ORP Participant  Retirement Checklist