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  • Pick a DATE and TIME
    There is standing, pre-scheduled video-conference time allocated every Wednesday, from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. This time is pre-scheduled with all 16 UNC campuses and the Office of the President. Can you use one of these times? If you can use one of the open times, then your request is easy. Go below and determine the answers to the "what else we need to know" questions and send these responses and your date and time via the 962HELP web form.
    If you cannot use the preschedule dates, the task gets a little more complicated. Please determine what the dates and times you would like. I t is best if you can come up with 2-4 alternative dates with general times that you can meet. (For example, June 16th, anytime in the morning for 2 hours; June 18th anytime from 1 pm to 4 pm; June 19th, anytime after 2 pm)
    Why is this so? Scheduling a video-conference involves resource allocations at all levels of the University. (It sometimes appears that it requires a special alignment of the stars, but that is NOT the case!) Before I can schedule a conference, I need to know:
    • Are there network resources available on the NCREN/UNC video network?
    • Are the UNC campus video-conference sites available?

    I need a "YES" answer to all of those questions before we can schedule a conference. Obviously, it helps if we can have a couple of choices to pick from. It isn't hard and video-conference time is usually available, but it pays to have alternatives to pick from.

    • Date and Time plus alternate choices if applicable
      • As you can see in this material, scheduling and having a video-conference involves lots of coordination on several levels. If there are changes to the dates, times, rooms, sites, etc, please let us know as soon as possible so these changes can be communicated to the other sites and participants.
    • Which UNC campuses will be participating?
    • Will there be a non-UNC site participating in the video-conference?
      • If YES, please provide site name and technical contact information.
      • Depending on the technology used, there may be a charge for connecting non-UNC sites.
    • What is the title of the video-conference?
    • Who is the GA contact for the video-conference?
    • How many folks are expected to attend at each campus site? (estimate)
    • Expected campus audience of the video-conference and list of CAMPUS CONTACTS (i.e. Chief Financial Officers, Directors of Admissions, University Attorneys, etc)
      • Some of our campuses charge for use of their video conference rooms and will not schedule a conference unless they have a name associated with the conference to whom they can send the bill!
      • The list of campus contacts is used by the campus VC program coordinator to communicate to their campus participants in the case of a room change or other technical or scheduling difficulty.
    • Will you be showing computer output during the video-conference? (i.e. Powerpoint, etc)
      • If YES, please answer the following:
      • Do you need a computer? What type? (Windows or Macintosh)
      • Do you need an internet connection?
    • Will a video-conference participant be joining the via telephone?
      • If YES, please provide name and contact information
    • Do you need to record this video-conference?
    • Please send the responses to these questions via the 962HELP web form. GA-ITS will confirm your information upon receipt of the service request.
    • VIDEO Contacts at the UNC Campusesthis is a list of the video managers, directors and program managers on each of the UNC/NCREN sites. This is who campus participants should contact if they have questions about where to go on their campus for a video-conference.
    • GA VIDEO CONFERENCE SCHEDULEthis is where your video-conference will show up.
    • Do not schedule the video-conference room on the Meetingmaker calendaring system. GA-ITS will do that when the service request is received from the 962HELP system.
    • Operations/Troubleshooting/Setup Assistance — Jim Barnett ( is available for operational troubleshooting, setup and assistance during video conferences. His assistance can obtained via the 962-HELP system.


If there is any information, corrections, additions or deletions that you would like to see on this page, please feel free to contact Paul M. Hudy at: or 962-4583