IT Helpdesk


Paste link in email or IM

Username: [opguest]

Password: [


Use the userid and password characters in BLACK between the brackets - lowercase letters, numbers and special characters

User login is required to gain access to the UNC General Administration "Public" wired or any wireless network. Guests at UNC-General Administration on official business may login into the public network or wireless network by using the above userid and password. UNC-GA/OP employees may login to these networks by using their regular GA email userid and password.



By logging into the UNC-General Administration network users hereby agree to the following conditions:

  • Access to this network and activity on this network is for UNC "business purposes" only
  • For security and performance purposes, network connections, activity, and traffic may be monitored by members of the UNC-GA/OP IT staff
  • Network activity shall not be inconsistent with the laws of the State of North Carolina or the appropriate use policies of the University of North Carolina.
  • Any network activity or connectivity deemed in violation of any these conditions or deemed detrimental to network security or performance may be terminated.
  • The use of the wireless network for applications requiring secure or involving sensitive data transmission is not recommended.



  1. Obtain a wireless signal on your wireless device or connect to the wired network in any of the public spaces noted below.
  2. Open up a browser and go to any webpage *
  3. 3. You will be re-directed to the GA network login page at: **
  4. Enter the guest userid and password on this page - upper left corner - and click "login" Upon successful login, you will directed back to your original home page or web destination

* Guest users are responsible for the configuration of their computers to obtain wireless or wired network access. UNC-GA/OP staff is not responsible for the configuration of guest computers, or if changed, returning the computer to its original configuration.
** This addresss can only be accessed from the wireless network or from the wired network at the locations listed below] 

The Public Meeting Spaces requiring login for network access include:


  • Conference Room A (2nd floor Main Building)
  • Conference Room B (1st floor Annex Building)
  • Conference Room C (1st floor Main Building)
  • Executive Conference Room (2nd floor Main Building)
  • Board Room (1st floor Main Building)
  • HR Conference Room (2nd floor Annex Building)
  • Telephone booths in main building lobby
  • All wireless connectivity (available in all spaces listed above and main building lobby)