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UNC General Administration building currently has three rooms configured for video-conferencing. There are also two rooms configured for video conferencing at the UNC-Center for School Leadership Development building.

At the GA building, our main room is Conference Room B. It hold approximately 6-10 folks comfortably for a video conference. Conference B is designed to be used with minimal technical support, intervention and operation and can user-operated. The Board Room is also configured for video conferencing and can accomodate much larger groups — up to 50-60. The Board room requires a much larger use of technical resources and cannot be user operated — ergo, additional planning and lead time is required. Conference Room C can also accomodate 6-10 folks for video-conferencing.

The UNC-Center for School Leadership Development also a large conference room and small conference venue. These rooms have a capacity similar to the rooms in the GA building.

The GA/CLSD video-conference sites are part of an intra-UNC video-conferencing network managed by NCREN. Each UNC institution has at least one video-conferencing facility on their campus. The video-conferencing technology used at the GA/CLSD sites are a data compression technology using a H323 (GA) or MPEG2 (CSLD) codec. The GA/CLSD sites site can directly connect to any other site in the NCREN network which uses H323 or MPEG2 technology. We can also connect to sites on other video networks run by NC State Government - (i.e. NCIH. etc.) or which use other video technologies (i.e. H.320 or ISDN dialup, etc.) by using NCREN as a gateway or bridge.

There is currently no charge for scheduling and use of the GA video-conferencing facilities by members of the UNC community. There is a minimal charge for use of the rooms at UNC-Center for School Leadership Development. Contact Dave Walser at 843-4311 ( for more information. At both sites, there may be additional line charges or connection fees for connection to conference sites outside of the NCREN network.

VIDEO-CONFERENCING Schedule at UNC General Administration/UNC-CSLD
— a listing of scheduled video-conferences taking place in at General administration/UNC-CSLD.

There is a standing, pre-scheduled video-conference scheduled every Wednesday, from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm, in Conference Room B, at the GA building. These are available for use by GA staff for inter-UNC campus meetings on a first-come-first-serve basis. All 16 UNC campuses are scheduled to participate in these meetings. Any Wednesday video-conferences which have not been reserved by other GA users are marked on the schedule as OPEN.

VIDEO Contacts at the UNC Campuses
— a listing of video managers, directors and program coordinators on each of the UNC campuses. If a campus participant in your video conference has a question about where to go on their campus for the conference or other campus related inquiries, these are the people they should contact.It is high recommended that you email the link to the campus video program coordinators to your participants in your video conference.




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