Federal Government Relations


The Federal Government Relations program began in April 1999 with the opening of the Washington, D.C. office. The primary goals of the federal relations efforts are to:

  • Increase the University’s level of advocacy and engagement with the North Carolina Congressional delegation, Executive Branch agencies, Congressional committees, and the national higher education research community on federal policy and funding issues of primary importance to the university;
  • Provide an effective conduit of information between Washington and North Carolina on relevant policy and funding issues; and
  • Provide on-going assistance to the individual campuses and affiliate organizations in the identification of opportunities for funding and increased visibility, the development of strategies to pursue those opportunities, and on-the-ground assistance in Washington to implement those strategies.

The Federal Relations staff is comprised of Kimrey Rhinehardt, Vice President for Federal Relations, Emily Dickens, Assistant Vice President for Federal Relations, and Bradley Ballou, Director of Federal Relations. 

The Federal Relations staff works directly with the Chancellors and campus administration through the 16-member, Chancellor appointed Federal Relations Council (FRC).   The Federal Relations Council is involved in and informed of developments at the federal level. In making the university’s case in Washington, the Federal Relations staff draws on all of the divisions within General Administration, as well as drawing on the expertise resident on the constituent campuses and within the affiliate organizations.

The Federal Relations staff oversees the development of the annual Board of Governors Federal Agenda and Federal Priorities through a process that places a high premium on input from the campuses and affiliates and close consultation within General Administration. This process results in a set of recommendations submitted by General Administration for review and approval by the Public Affairs Committee and the full Board.


 The University of North Carolina
 Washington Office

750 First Street, NE, Suite 1110
  Washington, DC 20002
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