Policies & Procedures


Section: C&G
Part: POL
Statement No.: 4.4.1
Date: 7/07/08
University of North Carolina - General Administration
Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual
Title: Direct Costs - Transfers and Adjustments


The federal guidelines for retroactive cost transfers state, “Any cost allowable to a particular grant or agreement may not be shifted to other grants or agreement in order to meet deficiencies caused by overruns, to avoid restrictions, or for reasons of convenience.”  The UNC General Administration policy on retroactive cost transfers on grants and agreements is consistent with the federal guidelines.


Adjustments to sponsored project expenditures are most often required due to coding or keypunch errors.  If this is not the case, a detailed explanation must be provided explaining how the error occurred and, if the transfer will move the charge to a grant account, how the charge is related to that activity.  Supporting documentation for the original expenditure(s) must also be provided.


Cost transfers must be made promptly and no later than 90 days after the original expenditure.  Requests for cost transfers greater than 90 days old requires the approval of the Vice President of the Division, the Director of Sponsored Programs, and the Associate Vice President for Financial Services.