Policies & Procedures


Section: C&G
Part: PRO
Statement No.: 4.3
Date: 02/04/08
University of North Carolina - General Administration
Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual
Title: Revised Budget 

There are several points to consider when revising a budget:

1.Provide adequate justification in writing explaining the reason for the revision.

2.Anticipate budget needs and obtain prior approval rather than after-the-fact approval.

3.Facilities and Administrative costs must be adjusted when increasing or decreasing the object lines that affect F & A unless the agency restricts the rebudgeting of F & A costs.


Project directors submit the request to revise a project budget in writing to Sponsored Programs. Procedures to complete this request are located in Statement 4.6. Sponsored Programs will forward to the request to the Division of Finance Office for final approval and update to the accounting system.