Policies & Procedures


Section: C&G
Part: INT
Statement No.: 4.0
Date: 12/12/01
University of North Carolina - General Administration
Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual
Title: Introduction

Sponsored Programs is an administrative function in the Division of Academic Affairs, Office of Research, that facilitates the grant and contract activities of professional staff in the Office of the President and General Administration. Sponsored Programs provides access to information resources, staff training, technical support to program directors and is the authorized institutional signatory for UNC for contract and grant applications and agreements. The Division of Finance is the authorized fiscal agent for all UNC contract and grant funds. Sponsored Programs and the Division of Finance provide administrative oversight for pre- and post-award activities associated with externally funded projects.

Directors are responsible for the review and approval of commitment of unit resources toward externally funded projects, including staff time and effort. Directors ensure the proposed project meets unit goals and that the appropriate levels of support have been budgeted for local personnel. Directors are also responsible for the review conflict of interest on the part of project staff and subcontractors.

Sponsored Programs is responsible for the pre-award review of administrative and regulatory compliance, including relevant federal regulations, for externally funded activities. Sponsored Programs is also responsible for the review, negotiation and acceptance of contract and grant awards, and serves as the primary liaison to the sponsor for pre-award and prior approval administrative matters

The Division of Finance is responsible for post-award administrative compliance of contract and grant awards and serves as the primary liason to the sponsor for financial administrative matters.

Externally funded activities are subject to the provisions of the UNC Policy for Sponsored Programs, Research and Intellectual Property, Sponsor contractual terms and conditions and applicable federal and state regulations.