Policies & Procedures


Section: PUR
Part: POL
Statement No.: 18.0
Date: 07/19/04
University of North Carolina - General Administration
Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual
Title: Health and Safety Purchasing Review Policy

1. The State Workplace Safety Program requires that the UNC GA Purchasing Office review all purchases to identify hazardous materials and selected safety-related equipment and supply procurements.  The purpose of the review is:


  • Assure that specifications for applicable safety design features are considered when purchasing equipment and machinery
  • Regulate the storage and use of highly toxic, carcinogenic, explosive or reactive chemicals
  • Assure the proper design specifications for equipment use for safety, health protection, and fire prevention and protection purposes

2. The Purchasing officer will mandate the collection of Material Safety Data Sheets for all hazardous material purchases.  Once received, one will be mailed to the requesting department and the other will be forwarded to the Health and Safety Officer.