Policies & Procedures


Section: PUR
Part: POL
Statement No.: 21.0
Date: 05/25/2012
University of North Carolina - General Administration
Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual
Title: Student Stores

 1. In order to purchase an item from the Student Stores, the cashier must be given the General Administration account number.


2. The cashier generates a bill that must be sent to the Accounting Office.

3. No purchase requisitions or purchase orders are created before the purchase.

4. At the end of each month, General Administration receives a statement from the Student Stores by account and object code.

5. The Purchasing Officer, along with the following designees are allowed to make the purchases at the Student Stores:

  • Marsha Fields, Services Officer
  • Paul Hudy, Director of Networking and Media Services
  • John Neville, Facilities Maintenance Coordinator
  • Priscilla Smothers, Purchasing Specialist