Policies & Procedures



Section: PUR
Part: POL
Statement No.: 6.0
Date: 05/25/2012
University of North Carolina - General Administration
Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual
Title: Price Quote Requirements  



1.       All purchases to vendors other than University departments must follow the guidelines listed below relative to price quote requirements:


a.       $0 through $4999.99 - No competitive quotes required. The Purchasing Office will ensure that the items or services ordered are not on state contract.


b.       $5,000.00 through $24,999.99 - 3 written quotes on the General Administration Request for Quotation Form are required. The Purchasing Office will be responsible for maintaining the bid/quote information (item specifications, unit price, delivery date etc.) in written form and in a database for all vendors called. In addition, the vendor awarded the order will be noted on the document or the file.


c.        Purchases of 25,000.00 and above require the approval of the North Carolina Department of Administration, Division of Purchase and Contract. The UNC General Administration Purchasing Officer will examine the purchase for any waivers of competition, but most frequently will be sent to the NC Dept. of Administration Division of Purchase & Contract and posted as a Request for Proposal (RFP) within the State's bidding system.


        If the purchase is a sole source, written documentation must accompany the Purchase and Contract requisition. A memorandum of justification is required for product specific requisitions.


2.       For all purchases $25,000.00 and above, approval must be obtained from the N.C. Division of Purchase and Contract prior to any commitment of funds or purchase order issuance, with exception as noted in PUR Pol 4.0 (2). This requirement is in addition to any quotes or estimates already secured by the State agency. Purchase and Contract reserves the right to accept any quotes already received by the State Agency, and to approve a vendor from that list or to bid the purchase themselves.


3.       In written quotes, a "no-quote" or "no bid" from a vendor qualifies as a bid provided the purchaser already has two other actual bids.


4.       If the item to be purchased is manufactured and/or distributed by only one vendor (a "sole-source" item), there is no need to have evidence of any quotes for those purchase requisitions $4999.99 and below. However, in this case, a statement from the vendor on company letterhead indicating that the vendor is the sole source supplier of the item should be attached to the requisition.


5.       All quotes, including sole source documentation, must be no older than thirty (30) days.


6.       The Statutes of the State give explicit instruction on the solicitation of bids when the total purchase is $5,000 and over.


7.       If bids are necessary, the UNC GA Purchasing Office will request bids (>$4,999.99 but <$25,000) or arrange for the State Purchase and Contract Division to request bids (over $24,999.99).