Policies & Procedures



Section: PUR
Part: PRO
Statement No.: 1.0
Date: 05/20/2013
University of North Carolina - General Administration
Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual
Title: Purchase Requisitions



   1.Requesting departments prepare a purchase requisition (see PUR Exh l.0).


       a. The requester will enter the following information on the purchase requisition:


          Required Information:


·Department Requisition number - if different from the preprinted number on the purchase requisition


·Requisition Date - current date



Ship to information:


·Attn - the department point of contact for the purchase


·Department name - department initiating the purchase


·Telephone No. the department point of contact's telephone number


·Delivery - the date the department would like the vendor to delivery the good or service



Requisition line item information:


·Quantity - number of each item required


·Unit - unit of measure that the good or service is procured in (i.e. EA=each, DOZ=dozen)


·Description - description of item


·Unit Price - individual item price


·Total Price - sum of the quantity times the unit price


·Order Sub-total - the sum of the requisition lines total price


·Sales Tax - the estimated sales tax for the requisition


·Order Total - the sum of Order Sub-Total and the Sales Tax



                  Account Information: 

·Account Name


·The six digit FRS account


·Object - the four digit object of expenditure


·Amount - the amount of the total requisition amount to be charged to the account distribution



      Optional Information:


·Vendor name and address - The suggested vendor name and address for the purchase





b. Obtain the division / department head's approval on the purchase requisition.


c. For check with order requests, attach a copy of the completed source   documentation that must accompany the check payment. (i.e. subscription, application, conference registration etc.)


2. The department distributes the requisition to the Purchasing Office with supporting documentation if applicable.


3. Purchasing reviews the purchase requisition for completeness and accuracy.


a.    If complete and accurate the document is forwarded to Accounting for approval.


b.    If incomplete or inaccurate, contact the requesting department to resolve the deficiency.


4.   The Purchasing Officer sources the requisition to a vendor using the policy and procedures outlined in the State Purchasing Manual and forwards the document to the purchasing assistant for data entry.


5.     If a purchase order is required (see PUR Pol 2.0), the purchasing assistant creates a purchase order (see PUR Exh l.l) in the Purchasing System using the information on the purchase requisition.


  1. Enter the following data into their appropriate fields for the purchase order record in the system:


    • Order date - the current date


    • Requisition number - purchase requisition number


    • Vendor ID - the vendor number for the purchase


    • Bid/Quote - the state contract number (Purchasing will determine this value)


    • Terms - the invoice payment terms for the vendor with or without discounts


    • Order type - Purchasing determines this value


    • Ship to No. - the ship to vendor ID for the requesting department


    • Delivery Date - the delivery date requested


    • P.O. line item information:


    • Quantity - number of each item required


    • UOM - unit of measure that the good or service is procured in (i.e. EA=each, DOZ=dozen)


    • Commodity number, Class, GP(Group), IM(Item), Description(color, height, etc.) - for items under State Contract


    • Description - description of item


    • Unit Price - individual item price


         Fields for Purchase Order Entry Continued –

·         Order Sub-total - the sum of the P.O. lines total price


·         Order Total - the sum of Order Sub-Total and the Sales Tax



     Account Information:


·         Account Name

·         Budget Code

·         SL Acct - the six digit FRS account

·         Object - the four digit object of expenditure

·         Amount - the amount of the total requisition amount to be charged to the account distribution

·         Total Price - subtotal of all unit prices

·         Order total - total the column including the tax


        b. Write the purchase order number on the purchase requisition


        c. Print the purchase order


        d. Attach the requisition to the purchase order and forward the document to the Purchasing Officer for final review and approval.

NOTE: If an encumbrance (purchase order) is not required skip steps 6-7. (i.e. a requisition with a check with order requirement)

 7. The Purchasing Officer reviews the purchase order for accuracy, approves

      (signs)  the document and forwards the document to his assistant for distribution.


 8.The Purchasing Assistant distributes the documents as follows:


    Copy Distribution of Requisition Documents (Purchase Orders Only):


          Purchasing Copy Purchasing numerical requisition file



          Department Copy


9. The department does not receive any copies of the purchase requisition or

     the purchase order until an encumbrance has been established.


10.  When the invoice is received by the department, the requesting department sends the invoice to Accounting for payment.