Policies & Procedures



Section: PUR
Part: POL
Statement No.: 3.0
Date: 05/20/2013
University of North Carolina - General Administration
Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual
Title: Blanket Purchase Order




1.       Definition:


Blanket Purchase Orders (BPO) are orders for purchases characterized by frequent and numerous transactions with the same vendor for objects and/or services of a relatively low cost. (i.e. office supplies). Blanket orders are usually issued for supply and repair type items and services. It is impractical and cost prohibitive to issue a separate purchase order for these repeated purchases of the same type of supply items or service. The orders are usually made under a volume (i.e. up to 1,000 units), a unit price (i.e. $15.50/gallon of paint) or a total purchase (i.e. up to $2,500 for the fiscal year) constraint.


2.       General Policies:


a.    Blanket orders can be prepared by the Purchasing Office when the issuance of multiple purchase requisitions and/or purchase orders is inappropriate.


b.    Blanket orders are also subject to the encumbrance requirements.


c.    Purchases made by the Blanket Purchase Order method should be kept to a minimum.



3.     Premium Items and Over The Counter Resale


        a. BPO's for which there is an unknown quantity, specifically for repairs and "on the spot" transmission needs, BPO's may be set up with a vendor as an accounting tool up to our purchasing delegation of $25,000. Any resulting individual  invoice for more than $4,999.99 shall be accompanied by a sole source justification or "emergency" purchase justification. Any transaction for less than $5,000 will be viewed as consistent with our small purchase delegation for purchases under $4,999.99.

        b. BPO's for UNC-TV Festival / Premium commodities which are determined to  be "over the counter resale" have a waiver of competition per the NC Administrative Code (NCAC). When practicable (PBS   broadcast programming is known well in advance), competition should be sought. However, in cases when anticipated premium items are determined by the PBS broadcast schedule and competition is not practicable for Festival turnaround, we may invoke a waiver of competition per the NCAC. Per the language of the NCAC "over the counter re-sale" section, we arenot bound by the $25,000 General Administration delegation. But in such cases, a sole source justification shall accompany the BPO. Items which are non-over the counter resale are bound by our usual purchasing rules and must be bid if the procurement exceeds $4,999.99.