Policies & Procedures


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Section: ACT
Part: PRO
Statement No.: 4.0a
Date: 07/01/2014
University of North Carolina - General Administration
Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual
Title: Travel Authorization/Advances


1.           If a Travel Authorization is required (see ACT Pol 4.0), the traveler prepares the Travel Authorization

                form with the correct departmental approval signatures (see ACT Exh 4.0a). The traveler keeps the copy

                and forwards the original to the Services Office PRIOR to the intended travel.


2.           The following information is completed on the Travel Authorization form:


      Date Submitted - current date

      Department or Division - department or division of the person requesting Travel Authorization

      Traveler's Name and Title - the name and position of the person requesting Travel Authorization

      Period Beginning - Period Ending - the dates the travel period begins and ends

      Travel to - the destination

      For Purpose of - a description of the travel

      Advance Requested - mark the box if an advance is requested

      Account No. - indicate account to be charged for the travel

      Marks the appropriate box(s) for:

In-State Overnight


Out-of-State Overnight



Transportation Type

      Pay Advance Registration - amount needed if advance registration is required

      Payable to - to whom the advance registration check is to be made payable

      Estimated Cost - estimated cost by type

      Lodging - amount if excess lodging is requested

      Registration - amount if registration fee is requested

      Explanation of Excessive Amounts Being Requested - describe the need for excess lodging

       and registration if applicable

      Traveler's Signature - signature of person requesting travel authorization

      Department or Division Head - signature of immediate supervisor, or the department or division

       head if applicable

      Designated Official's Signature - for all out-of-state travel, and excess lodging or registration.

       (see ACT Pol 4.0)


3.            After completion of the Travel Authorization form, including all departmental and division approvals,

                it is submitted to the Services Office.


4.             Approval by Designated Official’s Signature  - AVP for Finance & Services Office or other designated official. Required after form is complete and signed by traveler and department / division head, as appropriate.


5.             If the applicant is requesting an advance, Accounting types a direct payment voucher (see ACT

                Exh 4.1) indicating the following information on the form:

·         Applicant's name

·         Applicant's Department

·         Explanation - destination and date of travel

·         Charge To - Department account number

·         Amount - travel advance amount

·         Approved for payment by - designated Services Office staff


6.           When ready for payment, all direct payment vouchers are placed in batches with all other invoices.


7.           A check or EFT is issued five (5) days before the travel date. 


8.           Accounting records the travel advance in a log including the amount, date drawn, check number, 
               and payee

9.         Accounting files the Travel Authorization form until the traveler submits the Request for Reimbursement

               of Travel.