Policies & Procedures


Section: ACT
Part: POL
Statement No.: 4.4
Date: 07/07/09
University of North Carolina - General Administration
Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual
Title: Travel - Non-State Employees


Travel Policies for Non-State Employees


Non-state Employees

For the purposes of this section, non-state employees are those on official state business whose expenses are paid by the state and subject to state regulations, such as prospective professional employees, public school and community college employees, students on official state business, and attendants of handicapped state employees traveling on official state business (provided advance approval is obtained from department head or designee).


Non-state employees traveling on official state business whose expenses are paid by the state are subject to these regulations, including statutory subsistence allowances, to the same extent as are state employees. Travel expenses for members of a non-employee's family are not eligible to be paid by the state. No travel advances will be made to non-state employees.


Prospective Professional Employees

A department head or his or her designee is authorized to approve reimbursement of transportation expenses of prospective professional employees visiting state departments for employment interviews. These expenses are limited to transportation and subsistence for 3 days (5 days if one is a Saturday) at the in-state rate. Excess lodging expenses may be approved by the department head or his or her designee.


Post-secondary Students

Student travel expenses while working as an employee of the state are considered official state business when traveling on behalf of their position and shall be paid from the same source of funds from which the employee is paid. Non-employee students at state institutions who travel on official state business are reimbursed from the General Fund consistent with payments for state employees. All other student related travel must be paid from non-General funds supporting that particular organization or activity. Funds specifically appropriated or legally directed for student travel are authorized to be used for student travel expenses. Official state business is defined in section 5.0.3.


Approval for non-employee General Fund student travel must be signed by the student's department head. To substantiate and account for services related to non-employee General Fund student travel, the student and department head should enter into a signed agreement to document the required official state business and the travel reimbursement commitment. This agreement shall be signed by the department head and shall be a part of the department’s prior approval documentation required for overnight travel.


The purchase of food or beverage for students at higher education institutions is not allowable unless the student is in travel status. However non-General funds may be used for these purposes if such funds have been established and authorized for such purposes.



Payment of travel and subsistence expenses (motel and meal costs) for attendants for handicapped employees while traveling on official state business may be reimbursed to the same extent as are state employees if advance approval is obtained from the department head or his or her designee.


Expert Witness Fees

Any person who is used by any state department, agency, commission, committee, licensing board, or council as an expert witness may be reimbursed by said group a fee agreed upon by both parties. All travel costs will be reimbursed the same as for state employees. The source of funds used for such expenditures should comply with G.S. 143-23(a2)(2), unless otherwise directed by the General Assembly.