Policies & Procedures


Section: ACT
Part: POL
Statement No.: 12.0
Date: 07/01/2016
University of North Carolina - General Administration
Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual
Title: Membership Dues, Professional License, and  Certification Fees 

Membership Dues:


Membership dues for a state agency should be kept to a minimum.  Membership dues paid from state funds should be for the benefit of the state and not an individual.  Department heads must review and approve all memberships to determine that the benefits accruing to the state from such memberships will exceed the cost.  Membership dues shall not be paid for individual state employees.  If the state is to benefit from an individual's membership in an organization, that benefit should derive not because of the individual, but because of the individual’s position with state government regardless of who is in the position.


UNC - General Administration's policy is to pay for memberships that benefit the UNC System and the State of North Carolina.  It is UNC-GA's policy to pay for institutional memberships that associate the UNC System or UNC-General Administration with professional, and higher education associations.  The benefit received should always exceed the cost of the membership. 


Individual memberships are not permissible, unless all of the following apply:

1.             The individual serves as the GA representative for the association,

2.             The membership association benefits the agency,

3.             The benefits received from the membership exceed its cost, and

4.             The association is related and assigned to a specific position.


The following listing is an example of valid individual memberships on behalf of UNC-General Administration:

      The Associate Vice President for Finance with the financial reporting responsibilities could be the GA representative for the Government Finance Officer Association (GFOA) to stay abreast of current issues and educational opportunities relating to governmental accounting.

      The Senior Vice President of Finance and Budget would be the GA representative of the National College and University Business Officer Association for the UNC System to stay abreast of college and university financial reporting issues.

      The Associate Vice President for Finance and Capital Planning would be the GA representative for the Association of Higher Education Facility Officers to stay abreast of facility construction and maintenance issues.


The following are examples of individual memberships that would not qualify:

      AICPA, NCACPA, etc.:  The employee's membership to a professional universally accepted association, whose efforts are not primarily directed toward higher education, increase an employee's marketability for employment in the private sector, and are more beneficial to the employee rather than the state.


Professional License and Certification Fees


Professional license and certification fees are not reimbursable.  If the state requires the employee to have and maintain a professional license or certificate as a condition of employment, the fees directly associated with obtaining or renewing that license or certificate are not reimbursable.  (e.g. professional legal, accounting and engineer license renewal fees) However, tuition and registration cost incurred securing continuing education credits necessary for maintaining professional credentials may be reimbursed, if funds are available and the department head deems them to be beneficial to both the employee and the agency.