Policies & Procedures


Section: ACT
Part: PRO
Statement No.: 11.0
Date: 07/01/13
University of North Carolina - General Administration
Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual
Title: Conference/Meeting Approval Process 



Prior Approval Process:  The approval process that must be completed by the sponsoring department prior to the conference / meeting date.  Late approval filings should contain a justification statement.


Prior Approval Process:


1.             a.             Complete the required fields of the Conference / Meeting Approval Form (see ACT

                                EXH 11.0)


(1.)          General Information:

  Conference title:                                                   Complete conference name

  Conference type:                                                  External or internal

  Departmental FRS account:                               

  Funds type:                                                          State, Restricted Trust, Contract and Grant

  Meeting sponsor / coordinator:                          

  Telephone no:                                                       Phone number of conference sponsor

  Meeting date(s)

  Number of participants                                        Approximate count

  Meeting location:                                                   City, state

  Facility type:                                                           State or non-state

  Purpose of conference:                                         Explain in detail


(2.)          Complete the Conference / Meeting Expenses Requesting Approval for section:

  Meeting room rental:                                            Daily rate and number of days required.  No limitation for daily amount.

  Meals:*                                                                 Cost per meal, and number of days meal type is to be provided

                * The meals and breaks must comply with the State Budget Manual’s daily subsistence allowance entitlement guidelines for conference and meetings.   Lunch $10.70, and Dinner $18.40. 


(3.)          Attach the required information:

  formal agenda for the conference or meeting

  written invitation sent to participants

  listing of participants attending the conference


(4.)          Enter the required payment information for the primary vendor in item 3.a.  If an additional vendor is to be paid, list the appropriate information in item 3.b. of the form.

  Vendor name:                                                        Name of the vendor to be paid

  Point of contact:                                                    Individual that UNC-GA may contact to resolve an invoice dispute

  Point of contact No.:                                            

  Address:                                                                Payment remit to address

  City, state, zip code                                              Payment remit to address


(5.)          Required departmental approval:  The division Vice President must sign the form to certify their pre-approval of the conference.


b.             Route the completed Conference / Meeting Approval Form along with the supporting documents specified in 1.a.(3.) for approval.