Policies & Procedures


Section: ACT
Part: POL
Statement No.: 6.0
Date: 07/01/08
University of North Carolina - General Administration
Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual
Title: Monthly and Quarterly Reports 


1.             State agencies are required to report on each month's transactions from appropriations and/or special funds. The reports are in prescribed formats by the Office of State Budget and Management and/or Office of State Controller.


2.             The reporting to the Office of State Budget and Management and/or Office of State Controller is provided by the North Carolina Accounting System (NCAS).  State agencies are required to pre-certify their reports by the tenth working day of the following month.


3.             The following reports are required for reporting on current operations:


Form BD 701 - Monthly Report on the Budget. This report is prepared from the General Ledger accounts, the Expenditure Subsidiary Ledger and the Revenue Subsidiary Ledger. It lists by purpose and object, authorized year to date budgets for expenditures and revenues including State appropriations, expenditures and revenues for the month, accumulated expenditures and revenues for the current and year to date, quarter, and the unexpended budget balances for expenditures, revenues, and appropriations.


Form BD 702 - Monthly Report on the Appropriation and Allotment. This report is for the purpose of reporting in summary form and in many instances will show the same totals shown on the BD 701 except in a different order. It is taken directly from the Appropriation Account and the Allotment Account in the General Ledger.


Form BD 802 - Voucher Register A/C Classification. This report summarizes the information on the voucher register each month. A Voucher Register A/C Classification must be made for each appropriation or fund handled by the agency.


Form BD 805 - Receipts Register A/C Classification. This report classifies and summarizes the receipts as detailed on the Receipts Register, the BD 804. It lists the receipts for the present month, the quarter to date, and the fiscal year to date. It is to be filed for each appropriation account or fund handled by the agency.


4.             The following are additional reports produced by the Financial Accounting System. These reports can be produced monthly or at any time during the month by request.


FBM009 - Open commitment status. This report lists the commitments on file including both requisitions and encumbrances, or requisitions only and encumbrances only. This report can be produced by account identifier or by object code.

FBM040 - Chart of Accounts. This report displays one line per account and several attributes for each account as defined in the Report Description File.


                FBM061 - General Ledger Fund Group Summary and Subsidiary Ledger Summary. For the general ledger, this report lists a single line ledger total and other optional subtotals as defined in the Report Description File. For the subsidiary ledger, a revenue line, expense line, and a total line are printed, with totals printed at the end of each ledger.


  FBM090 - Account Statement in Whole Dollars.  This report provides the basic monthly status of each account in the subsidiary ledger by sub-code (object code).

                FBM091 - Report of Transactions. This report lists all transactions posted to each

                account both general ledger and subsidiary ledger during the accounting period,

                usually a month. It also can list all year to date transactions by account.


FBM094 - General Ledger by Account Control. This report lists account data by fund within account control.


FBM095 - Attribute Summary Report. This report is similar in format to the subsidiary ledger portion of the AM090, but it combines all accounts having the attribute value selected. An audit list is optional.


5.            The following reports are required for reporting on Capital Improvements.


                Form BD 725 - Monthly Report on Capital Improvement. This report lists by item,

                budgeted appropriation, unalloted balance of appropriations, allotments,

                expenditures for the month, expenditures project to date, unexpended balance of

                allotments, and outstanding obligations.  It also lists estimated receipts including 

                transfers from other codes.


                 Form BD 8021 - Voucher Register A/C Classification - Capital Improvement Fund.

                This report will be prepared each month in a manner similar to the BD 802 except 

                 that information will be shown for expenditures this month, year to date, and project

                 to date, rather than showing expenditures this month, quarter to date, fiscal year to



 Form BD 8051 - Receipts Register A/C Classification - Capital Improvement Fund. On this report, 

 receipts are classified and shown for this month, fiscal year to date, and project to date. In all other

 respects the preparation of this report is similar to the preparation of the Receipts Register A/C

 Classification, the BD 805.


   6.           The June monthly reports show the accumulated totals for the fiscal year and are the most important 

                 of the monthly reports. They comprise records necessary for use by the agencies, Office of State

                 Budget and Management, other administrative officials, and the Legislature.


   7.           A report on institutional trust funds by control and in total is prepared quarterly listing receipts by

                 object code and disbursements by purpose code for quarter-to-date, fiscal year-to-date, and prior

                 fiscal year-to-date. The report also includes net transfers in and out, change in fund balance, beginning

                 fund balance and ending fund balance.