Policies & Procedures


Instructions for UNC CH Motor Pool:

Reservations can now be made via the web. You will be notified by e-mail of your reservation number and the availability of a vehicle to meet your request. All efforts will be made to provide the customer with their particular request. Vehicles are available on a first come/first served basis.


Use UNC GA Account# 0003

 (Do NOT use the drop down menu for finding UNC Gen. Admin, use this Account no.)

Customer ID:  0003-V001
Do NOT put a department number  in drop down box, leave BLANK
Do NOT use FRS account number, leave Blank UNC GA is considered as outside vendor

Requires  24 hour notice for reservations and the driver must have someone bring them there and pick them up as they do not allow on site customer parking (overnight or daytime).

Cancellation Policy

The Carolina Motor Pool requires a 24 hour notice for cancellations. There will be a one day charge applied to your account for cancellations with less notice given.

Picking Up A Vehicle

Pick up the keys to a reserved vehicle and execute the rental agreement in Room 102G of the Giles Horney Building located at 103 Airport Drive.  Motor Pool office hours are from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Please Note:  A valid driver’s license for all drivers must be shown at time of pick up.

After obtaining the keys and executing the rental agreement, the vehicle can be picked up at the rear of the Service Station (109 Airport Road), which is adjacent to the Giles Horney Building.

It is recommended that individuals picking up motor pool vehicles be dropped off at the Giles Horney Building by a colleague or arrive via the free bus system. 

Returning a Vehicle

From 7:00 am – 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday, return the Motor Pool vehicle, keys, and information pouch to the Service Station personnel.

After 4:00 pm, return the Motor Pool vehicle to the Art Lab “R” lot across the street from the Service Station, lock the vehicle, and place the keys and information pouch in the receptacle provided for this purpose at the security fence gate near the Service Station.

Use of the Vehicle

Motor Pool vehicles are for the use of Carolina & State of North Carolina employees in performing their official duties.  All Carolina owned vehicles and NC Motor Fleet Management Division (MFMD) owned vehicles are to be used in accordance with the NC Motor Fleet Management Regulations.  Following are some major points in those regulations:

  • It is unlawful to use a state-owned vehicle for any private purpose.
  • The driver must observe all state motor vehicle laws and ordinances.
  • Under no circumstance operate a vehicle while under the influence of intoxicating beverages, drugs, or substances. Do not transport these items.
  • Parking citations are the responsibility of the assigned driver.
  • Hitchhikers are not allowed to ride in any state-owned vehicle.
  • Spouses and children may accompany employees on official business trips.
  • Family pets are not permitted in state-owned vehicles.
  • Employees may not use a state-owned vehicle for obtaining meals unless they are in an approved travel status.
  • Individuals who are not employed by the state are not allowed to drive state-owned vehicles.


Fuel and Other Services

All gasoline and other necessary operational charges are made to the Carolina Motor Pool account.  Charge cards are furnished with all Motor Pool vehicles.  The cards, however, should be used only when services are not available from the University Service Station at 109 Airport Drive or from other State-operated stations.


Emergency Telephone Numbers

Carolina Motor Pool

(919) 962-6676

 8am–5pm M-F