Policies & Procedures

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Date: 10/01/2014
University of North Carolina - General Administration
Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual
Title: Contracts and Grants, Service Agreements, or Restricted Trust Funds

FRS Account Number Range 3-1XXXX - 5-1XXXX

PeopleSoft Fund & Source Range:

Fund:  192XX

Contracts & Grants Source:  49XXX

Restricted Trust Source:  63XXX

Contracts and grants, service agreements, and restricted trust funds must follow all state appropriated funds guidelines, sponsor specific terms, and conditions noted in the award documents unlesss excepted as noted below.

Exceptions to the state funds guidelines must be discussed with/approved by the Controller.  An example of an exception would include a Federal or Federal flow through sponsor specifically allowing for the payment of travel expenses at a Federal per diem rate (for example, for foreign travel) or allowances for food costs for seminars or workshops associated with the objectives of the award.

The use of restricted trust funds for purchases related to the recognition of individuals is restricted.  However, expenditures for this purpose ar permissible if they adhere to the policies established by the Office of State Personnel (OSP) for meritorious service awards, as authorized in G.S. 126-4(8) (refer to the "Service Awards" section of OSP's web site for further information).  In addition, restricted trust funds may be expended, not to exceed $50, for the purchase of a plaque or for the printing and framing of a certificate.  The expenditure of funds for these purposes is subject to provisions of the fund authority and cash balance of each restricted trust fund.

Contracts and grants may also be subject to Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) set forth in OMB Circular A-87.  Cost Accounting Standards and other guidance in Circular A-87 are applicable to Federal and Federal flow through awards as well as any other external funds referencing Circular A-87 and /or CAS in their terms and conditions.