Policies & Procedures


Eprint can be accessed using the following link:  itsapps.unc.edu/frs/

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e~Print is a report distribution system that is integrated with the FRS (Financial Record System).  e~Print takes existing reports and makes them available, without changes, via the World Wide Web in PDF format.  End users may view and print reports using their Web Browser (requires Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher) and the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

e~Print is fully operational for your use for the distribution of FRS (Financial Record System) month-end reports to users over the Web.  The Services Office is no longer printing monthly reports, as you are able to run the reports yourself.

e~Print uses Value-Based Security (VBS) where users are only allowed access to report pages that contain data they are authorized to view.  If FRS for example, users access e~Print via their assigned FRS ID (how to get one explained below) and receive only those report pages that contain data about their 6-digit state/trust/contract and grant fund accounts.

YOU CAN GET YOUR REPORT anytime (after the close of a month) from any PC using the Web.  Because of "virtual bursting", fewer copies of key reports will be run, saving paper and processing time.  The full version of e~Print also allows archiving via CD-ROM.  CD-ROM's are less expensive and more convenient than traditional archival media like paper and microfiche.  e~Print stores the reports on the CD-ROM as PDF, so the Acrobat Reader may be used to view, print and save reports from any PC that has a CD-ROM drive.  It is necessary that the PC used for archiving have a Rewritable/Read-Write CD-ROM.