Policies & Procedures

UNC General Administration may consider providing an agency-owned Mobile Communication Device (MCD) to eligible employees in lieu of the MCD reimbursement; however, the department head must approve the purchase of an MCD for business use and send a purchase justification to the Associate Chief Information Officer (CIO) for Information Technology (IT) Administration & Infrastructure or his delegate.

The department is responsible for selecting the device, accessories and initial plan.  The Associate  CIO for  IT Administration & Infrastructure, or his delegate, is responsible for reviewing the request. The Associate CIO for IT Administration & Infrastructure, or his delegate will be responsible for contracting with the provider, and securing all MCDs and accessories when the service(s) ends. Departments are required to use statewide term contracts when devices and plans are cost effective and meet departmental needs.

MCD devices purchased with UNC General Administration funds are the property of the agency and ownership cannot be transferred to the employee. 

Use of the device for email and data should follow the UNC General Administration Information Resources Division Acceptable Usage Guidelines for Computers and Networks, http://www.northcarolina.edu/it_policies/index.php?pg=dl&id=s7386&format=pdf&inline=1.

Only UNC General Administration related business calls are allowed on an agency-owned device.

Each year, departments are required to review the need for an agency-owned MCD and submit an annual justification to the Associate CIO for IT Administration & Infrastructure or his delegate. Departments are also responsible for communicating any termination requests or making any changes to the service accordingly.


Exceptions for UNC-TV: The Director of Administration and Business Ventures, or her delegate, of the UNC Center for Public Television will review and monitor all requests for UNC-TV employees. UNC-TV IT is responsible for maintaining inventory of all agency owned MCD devices and associated data plans.