Policies & Procedures

 1. Academic/Research Exemption: An agreement between State Purchase and Contract and the University System of North Carolina.  This agreement applies to academically oriented consulting services, not professional consulting services.  If a consulting service can be interpreted as "instructional...and for advising as to curriculum development and academically oriented research," then that service is EXEMPT from the competitive bidding process.

a. A justification for using an academic or research exemption must be submitted to GA Purchasing prior to utilizing this exemption.

b. If there is any doubt as to whether a consultant service may be exempt, please consult GA Legal or GA Purchasing.

2. Personal Services Exemption: Personal services are services provided by a professional on a temporary or occasional basis, including, but not limited to a doctor, dentist, attorney, architect, engineer, scientist, etc.

a. These services are exempt from competitive bidding when the following items are properly submitted to GA Purchasing:

     -A vendor employee selection form is filled out

     -3 original copies of the personal services contract are signed by the vendor

     -An employee v. independent contractor form is filled out and signed by the 

      individual putting together the personal services contract

     -The 3 aforementioned items are submitted to GA Purchasing along with a 

      completed and signed requisition

     -Purchasing will review the submitted documents and will route the documents

      for signature approval

     -Once all items are signed, GA Purchasing will create a purchase order and the 

      process will be complete

3. Sole Source: When a good or service can only be purchased from one source.

a. When a sole source request is between $5K and $24,999, a justification for this request needs to be submitted to GA Purchasing.  If the request is denied an RFQ will need to take place.

b. When a sole source request is $25K or above, a justification for this request needs to be submitted to State Purchase and Contract.  If the request is denied an RFP will need to take place.