Policies & Procedures

University of North Carolina - General Administration                             Section:                              ACT
Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual                                           Part:                                     PRO
                                                                                                                                       Statement No:                   2.2
Title: Departmental Receipts Procedure 2.2                                        Date:                     07/01/2010

On a daily basis, forward all receipts collected on behalf of UNC General Administration to the Accounting Office for deposit.  The following information is required:

  • Amount of deposit
  • 10-digit FRS account number where funds should be credited
  • Source of deposit (i.e., vendor, provider, customer that issued check to UNC GA)
  • Purpose of deposit (i.e., registration fee for HR Training)

Departmental personnel are encouraged to use the FRS Cash Receipts Journal Form as a transmittal document to accompany funds for deposit.