Policies & Procedures


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Section: ACT
Part: PRO
Statement No.: 4.0b
Date: 12/06/2016
University of North Carolina - General Administration
Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual
Title: Travel Reimbursement


Effective with PeopleSoft implementation on October 01, 2014:

  • Employees will submit request for reimbursement of travel expenses using WebTravel.
  • Only non-employees will use the Travel Reimbursement Form (ACT Exh 4.0) to request expense reimbursement.         


          Documentation should be included for hotel and other expenses except for meals and baggage tips. Lodging

          reimbursement requires a receipt of actual expenses from a commercial lodging establishment. Reimbursement

          requests should not exceed the applicable per diem allowance unless excess expense was approved prior to

          the travel.


          The following should be completed on the Request for Reimbursement of Travel and Other Expenses:


      Department or Institution - department of the traveler

      Payee's Name - traveler's name

      Payee's Address - traveler's address

      Period covered by this Voucher - beginning and ending dates of travel

      Division - traveler's division

      Title - traveler's title

      Date - current date

      Headquarters - duty station of traveler

      Total Cost - total cost of trip

      Less Advance - less any advance if applicable

      Reimbursement - equals the reimbursement due the traveler or the refund due General Administration.

      Travel Authorization number and date - if applicable

      Travel Day - dates of each trip during the period covered for reimbursement

      From-To - destinations covered by the Request for Reimbursement (You need to enter the

       time of departure and arrival at each destination to determine meal

       reimbursement entitlement.)

      Transportation Mode - example private and rental car, air, other

      Daily Private Mileage Amount ($0.535 per mile less than 100 mile round trip per day and  $0.17 per mile over 100 mile round trip per day)  

      Daily Subsistence - not to exceed per diem (see ACT Pol 4.0)


                      Daily Other expenses - explanation - example: parking, baggage tips, taxis

      Amount - cost of the other expenses


2.             The traveler keeps the copy of Form BD 403 and submits the original with proper receipts, signed by

                the traveler and approved by the department head, to the Services Office.


3.             Accounting reviews the Request for Reimbursement for accuracy, fills in the Travel Authorization number if applicable and adds the accounts to be charged in the object code section.


4.             If a reimbursement is due to the traveler, a check is issued, with the amounts charged to specific

               object codes calculated from the difference between the estimated costs on the Travel Authorization form and the actual costs on the Request for Reimbursement. The check is sent to the traveler's department.


5.             If a reimbursement is due to General Administration, the traveler sends a check to the Services

               Office, payable to UNC - General Administration.


6.            Accounting deposits the check to the appropriate PeopleSoft Charfield.



                                                                          In-State                                Out-of-State

Breakfast                                              $   8.40                                    $   8.40

Lunch                                                   $  11.00                                   $  11.00

Dinner                                                  $  18.90                                   $  21.60

Lodging (actual, up to)                       $  71.20                                   $  84.10

Total                                                    $109.50                                   $125.10