Policies & Procedures


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Purchase Requisition

  Purchasing Requisitions Policy 1.0
  Purchasing Requisitions Procedure 1.0
  Purchase Requisition Form Exhibit 1.0
  Price Quote Requirements Policy 6.0

Purchase Order

  Purchase Order Policy 2.0
  Blanket Purchase Order Policy 3.0
  Emergency Purchase Order Policy 4.0

Purchasing Forms

  Vender Selection Form
  Phone Service Request Form
  Contract Routing Slip
  Employee vs. Independent Contract Checklist

   Temporary Employment Forms

  Temporary Employment Authorization Form
  Temporary Employee Contract Template
  Payroll Schedule and Timesheet Submission Dates

   Independent Contractor Forms

  Contract for Professional Services
  Contract for Personal Services

Special Purchases

  Purchase from State Employees Policy 10.0
  Computer Purchases Policy 17.0

   Student Stores

  Student Stores Policy 21.0
  Student Stores Procedure 21.0
  Refreshment Policy 13.0
  Exemptions, Exceptions, Sole Source Policy 25.0


  State Contracts Policy 9.0
  Contractual Services Policy 22.0
  Personal Service Contracts Policy 23.0
  Equipment Maintenance Contracts Policy 24.0


  Printing and Duplicating Policy 19.0
  UNC Chapel Hill Print Shop Request Form

Other Purchasing Guidelines

  Encumbrances Policy 5.0
  Unauthorized Purchases Policy 7.0
  State Property Policy 8.0
  Taxes Policy 15.0
  Gasoline Policy 14.0
  Motor Pool
  Enterprise Contact Account Information


  Fiscal Year End Policy 12.0
  Health and Safety Purchasing Review Policy 18.0


  Receiving Process Policy 11.0
  Receiving Report Procedure 11.0