Charles Perusse
   Chief Operating Officer
  • Charlie is the Chief Operating Officer for the University of North Carolina, addressing the internal and campus-focused administrative operations of the University System.  He reports to the President of the University and works collaboratively with the UNC Board of Governors, key executives within NC State Government, UNC-General Administration staff, and Chief Financial Officers from the unique seventeen campuses of the University of North Carolina to accomplish strategic financial and operational priorities.  The position serves as a senior manager of the Finance, UNC FIT, UNC-GA Services Office, Human Resources, Information Technology, and University Advancement offices.
   Sylvia Cooper
   Executive Assistant to Chief Operating Officer
  • Sylvia maintains the Chief Operating Officer's calendar; coordinates the scheduling of meetings, events, and travel; and provides other administrative support as required.  Responsibilities include coordinating agenda and related items for the Committee on Budget and Finance of the Board of Governors; preparing minutes of meetings and communication to campuses related to actions of the Board. 

Jonathan Pruitt
Senior Associate Vice President for Finance 

  • Jonathan serves as the leader and senior member of the budget and financial management team at UNC-General Administration with responsibility for preparing the University's unified budget request, tuition and fee setting, treasury and debt management, property and facilities, performance and enrollment funding and financial forecasting.  He reports to the Chief Operating Officer and works collaboratively with the UNC-GA staff and the Chief Financial Officers of the seventeen campuses to accomplish strategic financial priorities of the University.
    Rich Cox
    Deputy Program Manager - Bond Program
  • Rich is a member of the capital team.  Primary responsibilities include:  Primavera scheduling system applications and management, including cash flow reporting and ad hoc data requests.
      Ezgi Kaya
     Financial Analyst
  • Ezgi is a member of the current operations team.  Primary responsibilities include: evaluating potential fiscal impacts to policies, information request analysis, and external reporting.
     Erin Schwie Langston
     Assistant Vice President for Finance

  • Erin is a member of the current operations team.  Primary responsibilities include:  performance-based funding, enrollment funding model, financial aid budget, cost of attendance analysis, and treasury and debt management.  She also completes fiscal analyses and reports for the Board of Governors and the constituent institutions.
   Kevin MacNaughton
   Interim Associate Vice President for Finance & University Property Officer 
  • Kevin is a member of the capital team.  Primary responsibilities include:  capital budget development and execution, Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) initiatives, administering UNC's real property transactions and leases and liaison to governmental agencies on issues involving capital facilities and real property matters.

 Andrea Poole
 Assistant Vice President for Finance

  • Andrea is a member of the current operations team.  Primary responsibilities include: development and execution of the University's operating budget (continuation and expansion budgets), conducting mandated University and/or legislative program reviews and studies, support to UNC constituent institutions, Board of Governors, Fiscal Research Division and Office of State Budget and Management.  

 Angelisa Riggsbee
 Administrative Support Specialist

  • Angelisa is a member of the current operations and the audit and compliance teams.  Primary responsibilities include:  operating budget, BOG Audit Committee support, SEI/UNC Disclosure of Substantial Interests, web-based applications (expansion budget, vacant positions, UFDM) and Budget Revision System.
     Jeanine Rose
     Accounting Technician for Capital Improvements
  • Jeanine is a member of the capital team.  Primary responsibilities include:  capital budget, CAPSTAT Administrator and capital improvement projects management, Budget Revision and Financial Records System, HUB and Utility reporting and web-based advertisements for design and construction.
     Karen Russell
     University Program Specialist 
  • Karen is a member of the current operations team.  Primary responsibilities include:  tuition and fees, expansion budget preparation, debt management, legislative/information requests & Distinguished Professors Endowment Trust Fund reports.
     Gordon Rutherford
     University Architect
  • Gordon is a member of the capital team.  Primary responsibilities include:  CM at Risk construction method, design and construction management of UNC-GA projects.
     Miriam Tripp
     Special Projects Officer
  • Miriam is a member of the capital team.  Primary responsibilities include:  energy management, CAPSTAT system applications and management, web-based advertisements for design and construction, reporting on HUB participation, ad hoc data requests & design and construction website updates.
     Michael Vollmer
     Assistant Vice President for Finance
  • Michael serves as the UNC-GA Budget Officer.  Primary responsibilities include managing the UNC-GA general operating and capital improvement certified, authorized, continuation, and expansion budget; position control management; and business processes analysis/process and efficiency re-engineering studies.
  Jonathan Womer
  Associate Vice President for Finance and Economic Analysis 
  • Jonathan is a member of the current operations team.  Primary responsibilities include: recommending and implementing policy and/or budget changes in support of the mission of the University and its strategic plan.  This includes project management, conducting cost-benefit, economic, and fiscal analyses to quantitatively evaluate the overall impact of policy proposals and implementation.





Business Affairs

    Marsha Fields
    Associate Vice President for Finance
  • Marsha serves as the University Controller. Her primary responsibilities involve managing UNC-GA's accounting, contract & grant administration, financial reporting, purchasing, fixed asset, endowment, foundations, tax compliance, leased property acquisitions, facilities management, and GA health and safety operations.  

 Lisa Fleischman
 UNC GA Purchasing Officer & UNC Procurement Officer

  • Lisa serves as the UNC-GA Purchasing/Fixed Asset/Health and Safety Officer. Primary responsibilities include managing the enterprise’s purchasing operations, fixed asset accounting, fixed asset inventory, health and safety programs, motor fleet vehicles operations, P-Card program, and required OSHA accident and injury reporting.  She is also responsible for leading the UNC System strategic sourcing, spend analysis, catalog enablement, vendor negotiations, and return on investment reporting for e-commerce initiatives.

 Angela Glaspie
 Accounting Technician 

  • Angela is a member of the general accounting team in Business Affairs.  Her primary responsibilities include administering travel authorization and reimbursement functions, accounts payable proof validations, daily cash requisitions, FRS system reconciliations, and cash allotment reconciliation and monitoring.
   Lars Jarkko
   Accounting Manager
  • Lars serves as the Accounting Manager.  His primary responsibilities include coordination of budget and accounting operations, tax compliance, specialized accounting, incorporation of general accounting data in the financial statements, and special projects.   
  Jennifer Leung
  Systems Accountant 
  • Jennifer is a member of the implementation team for PeopleSoft Financials at UNC-General Administration.  Her primary responsibilities include data testing and validation, business process review, and training.

Libby Massey
Administrative Support Specialist

  • Libby is a member of the facilities management team.  Primary responsibilities include: copy room/equipment management, supplies management & UNC-GA facility issues and logistics.
   Ralph McLester
   Director, Financial Reporting and ERP System Integration   
  • Ralph serves as the Director of Financial Reporting and System Integration Officer in Business Affairs.  Primary responsibilities include managing UNC-GA Comprehensive Annual Financial Reporting (CAFR), IPEDS Reporting, Institutional Trust Fund Reporting, UNC FRS/NCAS reporting/reconciliation, financial system integrations services (i.e., FRS, E~Print, Finan$eer, WebFocus, Fixed Asset System), Fiscal Research/OSBM/general media reporting; business processes analysis/process re-engineering, and business affairs website maintenance.   

John Neville
Facilities Maintenance Technician

  • John is a member of the the facilities management team.  Primary responsibilities include:  building and grounds, UNC-GA facility issues and logistics, mail delivery & cleaning crew scheduling.

 Beatrice Powell
 Accounting Technician

  • Beatrice is a member of the general accounting team in Business Affairs.  Primary responsibilities include administering daily cash receipts, cash management system reconciliations, escheats fund management, and FRS transactions oversight. 

 Priscilla Smothers
 Purchase Specialist

  • Priscilla serves as UNC-GA’s Purchasing Agent/Fixed Asset Technician.  Primary responsibilities include administering purchasing operations, fixed asset accounting, printing services, American Express Corporate Card program, and telecommunication equipment repairs and integration services.  

 Candy Taylor


  • Candy oversees the accounting office.  Primary responsibilities include supervising the day to day general accounting, cash receipts, and disbursement functions for UNC-GA.  Other responsibilities include administering UNC-GA’s cash allotment reconciliations for general and capital improvement funds, monthly reconciliation of FRS to OSC Cash Management Control, and tax compliance for IRS forms 1099s, W-2, and 1098-e.