President's Advisory Committee on Efficiency and Effectiveness: 
UNC President Erskine Bowles has committed to be a vocal champion on behalf of the campuses of the University of North Carolina.  As he makes the case for resources, however, he must also assure the state's legislature and taxpayers that the significant resources already dedicated to the University are utilized as efficiently and effectively as possible.

To assist in that effort, he commissioned a blue-ribbon President's Advisory Committee on Efficiency & Effectiveness (PACE) of state and business leaders to review the university's activities and to provide findings and recommendations to him in October 2006.
PACE Committee
Members of the PACE Committee and their affiliation.
PACE Campus Guidelines (June 13, 2006)
Campus guidelines that were used during the data collection and reporting process.
Training Materials (June 2006)
PowerPoint presentation for the Train-the-Trainer sessions hosted by  East Carolina University, Fayetteville State University, UNC Asheville, UNC-Chapel Hill, UNC Charlotte, and UNC Greensboro.
UNC Charlotte's Training PowerPoint "Getting Started with PACE" (June 2006)
Thanks to our friends at UNC Charlotte for sharing their approach to training.
PACE Final Report (November 1, 2006)
PACE's Final Report to President Erskine Bowles, including transmittal letter from Krista Tillman, Chair.  Report also contains an Executive Summary, sections on UNC General Administration, Campus Efforts, System-wide Working Groups, and a Summary/Moving Forward perspective.
PACE BOG Meeting (Novemeber 9, 2006)
PACE's Final PowerPoint Presentation to President Erskine Bowles from Krista Tillman, Chair.