Overview & Brief History of the UNC Faculty Assembly

The UNC Faculty Assembly is the elected body of representatives of the faculty of the seventeen constituent institutions of the University of North Carolina.  The Assembly is dedicated to upholding and exercising the principles of academic freedom, shared governance, tenure, and the faculty's primary responsibility for the University's curriculum.

A Brief History of the Faculty Assembly

In 1972, when all sixteen public senior institutions were placed under one Board of Governors, President Friday called for the creation of a Faculty Assembly.  There had been a Faculty Advisory Council within the old six-campus consolidated University of North Carolina, and the new assembly was to be its enlarged successor.

By October 1972, all sixteen constituent institutions had ratified the Assembly Charter.  The first meeting of the delegates was held on December 2, 1972.  John Sanders, then Vice President for Planning, presided as interim chair.

A second meeting was held on January 6, 1973, to begin discussions of a set of bylaws for the Assembly.  Henry C. Cooke, from North Carolina State University, was then elected chair pro tem.

A special [third] meeting was held on January 27, 1973 (presided over by Professor Cooke), for the purpose of debating and proposing revisions to Chapter VI of The Code: Academic Freedom and Tenure.

At its fourth meeting, held on February 23, 1973, the Assembly adopted its Bylaws and elected Professor Cooke to serve as chair until July 1, 1974.

The following faculty members have served as Assembly chairs:

1973-1974 Henry C. Cooke NCSU
1974-1976 Henry C. Ferrell ECU
1976-1977 Vincent M. Foote NCSU
1977-1979 (Jan.)1 Roy Carroll ASU
Feb. - June 1979 Helen M. Caldwell ECSU
1979-1981 Shirley C. Browning UNCA
1981-1984 Alan J. Hauser ASU
1984-1986 James LeRoy Smith ECU
 1986-1987 (May)2 Betty Jo Welch UNCW
1987-1988 Meada Gibb NCA&T
1988-1990 Fred Hinson WCU
1990-1991 Kathleen Kowal UNCW
1991-1993 Ken Wilson ECU
1993-1995 William Kane WCU
1995-1997 Peter Petschauer ASU
1997-1999 Laura Gasaway UNC-CH
1999-2001 Keith Howell UNCG
2001-2003 Richard Veit UNCW
2003-2005 Jeff Passe UNCC
2005-2008 Brenda Killingsworth ECU
2008-2010 Judith Wegner UNC-CH
2010-2012 Sandie Gravet ASU
2012 Catherine Rigsby ECU

  1. Roy Carroll's term ended when he was appointed Vice President for Planning at UNC General Administration.
  2. Betty Jo Welch died in office.


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Meetings for academic year 2013-14:

Friday, Sept 20, 2013
Friday, Oct 25, 2013
Friday, Nov 22, 2013
Friday, Jan 17, 2014
Friday, Feb 14, 2014
Friday, April 4 2014

Meetings convene in the Spangler Center at 9:00 a.m.

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