Renewables Review


University of North Carolina
Solar Renewable Energy Project Information

 This procedure package is a resource for NC third-party renewable energy projects for the University of North Carolina where the thermal output or electricity generated by solar panels is expected to be used by the University. While much of this information may be applicable to other agencies and other projects such as geothermal, wind energy,  or photovoltaic electrical generation for sale to the utility grid, this model is provided in an effort to establish a standard and expeditious means of implementing the simpler, more straight-forward renewable energy projects.

 This procedure should be utilized after a determination has been made that a renewable energy project may be feasible and preliminary siting has been completed.  It is not a tool for determining project feasibility or site suitability.  A solar site study should be completed before a project can be determined as viable.  Engineering considerations such as structural capability, orientation, and shading should be studied by a professional.  Where roof installations are contemplated, roof age and warranties should also be investigated to appropriately consider the timing of solar equipment installation or removals in light of roof warranty and replacement schedules.

 1.            Process Description and Flowchart
 2.            Renewable Energy Project Issues and Resources
 3.            Renewable Energy Developer Prequalifying Document
 4.            Prequalifications Rating Sheet
 5.            Request for Quotation
 6.            Standard State Access License (Revised 4-2013)
 7.            Standard State Access Lease (under development)
 8.            Standard State Renewable Energy Purchase Agreement (Released 4-2013)


Release Date 12-6-2012, Rev 4-2013