Efficiencies Working Group

UNC System Collaborative E-journal Efficiency Initiative

Background: In 2012, UNC System President Ross requested that the Office of State Budget and Management perform a study seeking ways to improve efficiencies and further leverage state tax dollars within the UNC System. The resulting August 2012 report, the Collaborative Efficiency Review, addressed six different areas. The only area directly related to the UNC Library system is a section on potential ejournal subscription efficiencies. That section notes that the System's performance over recent years is much better than national averages and praises the overall ejournal efficiency of UNC's libraries, but does identify five proposals that might merit further investigation for possible additional efficiencies. In response, ULAC has developed a plan to determine if we can indeed wring additional efficiencies from those five proposals and, if so, how best to implement processes and procedures that will give UNC's faculty, staff, and students the best possible journal access at the least possible cost.

This site will record our progress as we investigate each of the five proposals, and as we subsequently implement appropriate action plans.

  1. Develop a system-wide e-journal data repository to share information on usage, cost, and license terms - Due December 2012
    Status: Completed. Repository site is operational (Password required)
  2. Assemble sample e-journal licensing templates that have the potential to improve access by ensuring uniform terms and conditions - Due December, 2012
    Status: The Working Group has submitted a licensing report, which has been accepted by ULAC.
  3. Review and report on open access publishing, including suggestions for system-wide sharing of best practices. - Due March 2013
    Status: The Working Group has written an Open Access report, which has been accepted by ULAC. ULAC has appointed an implementation group:
    • Peggy Hoon - Chair (UNCC)
    • William Joseph Thomas (ECU)
    • Mark Stoffan (WCU)
    • Allan Sherlen (ASU)
    • Leah Dunn (UNCA)
    • Rosann Bazirjian (UNCG)
    • Mae Rodney (WSSU
  4. Develop a plan or model for improving the cost/benefit ratio for e-journal purchasing - Due July 1, 2013
    Status: ULAC has accepted the Working Group's five year plan
    Supporting documents: Improving usage, and Year one assessment
  5. Determine if e-procurement could yield additional savings - Due December 2013
    Status: The Working Group plans to turn its attention to this item after the overall e-journal plan is formulated.

E-Journal Efficiencies Working Group

  • Tim Bucknall - Chair (UNCG)
  • Rachel Fleming (WCU)
  • Patrick Carr (ECU)
  • Christine Stachowicz (UNC-CH)
  • Kate Silton (NC A&T)
  • Robert Wolf (UNCP)