NC CACG supports the following programs to improve college access within the state of North Carolina.  Projects are grouped under the objective they support, along with the partners involved in the work.


North Carolina Community College System
North Carolina Independent Colleges & Universities
North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority
University of North Carolina General Administration


Information on Postsecondary Education Benefits, Opportunities, Planning, and Career Preparation


- Infrastructure Support (NCSEAA)

- Student Transfer Navigator on (UNC GA)

- Career & College Planning Curricula for Students & Parents (UNC GA)

- The NC Higher Education Research Consortium (UNC GA)

- Parental Outreach (NC DPI)

- Electronic High School Transcript System on (UNC GA)


Financial Literacy and Debt Management among Students and Families


- Financial Aid Assistance through the Carolina College Advising Corps (UNC GA)

- Personal Financial Literacy Curricula (NC DPI)


Outreach Activities for Students at Risk of Not Enrolling in or Completing College


- The Independent College Access Network (NCICU)

- Minority Male Mentoring Programs (NCCCS & UNC GA)

- Health Sciences Diversity Initiatives (NCCCS)

- Outreach through the Carolina College Advising Corps (UNC GA)

- High School College Access Mini-Grants (NC DPI)

- Advanced Placement Course/Test Participation (NC DPI)

- EDUmetric (UNC GA)

- College Application Week (UNC GA)

- Postsecondary Education Alliance Capacity-Building Summit (UNC GA)

- Graduation Resiliency / Dropout Prevention (NC DPI)

- Postsecondary Transfer Conference (UNC GA)

- Postsecondary Retention Conference (UNC GA)


Assistance for Students Completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)


- FAFSA Completion through the Carolina College Advising Corps (UNC GA)


Professional Development for Guidance Counselors, Financial Aid Administrators and College Admissions Counselors


- Financial Aid Professional Development (NCSEAA & NCCCS)

- School Counselor Professional Development (NC DPI)

- NCACHE Regional College Access Conference (UNC GA)

- School Counselor College Access Curricula (UNC GA)